Where to practise Tàijíjiàn?

If after reading these pages, you want to practise Tàijíjiàn fencing, here is a selection of links you may start with:

  • You will be more than welcome to join us at ARCHIPEL. This Tàijí association located in Strasbourg offers weekly classes in both Tàijí sword form and fencing.
  • ARAMIS was the first Tàijí group, beside ARCHIPEL, to trust in my work. They regularly invite me to share my experience during week-end workshops and now also offer a weekly Tàijí sword class, including partner work.
  • Les Compagnons du Tàijí is an association based in Angers. I enjoy a special relationship with their sword instructor who is giving weekly classes in Tàijíjiàn, including partner work.
  • Lotus Energy regularly proposes mini-workshops in the area of Hérépian when you may follow classes on the principles of Taijijian, including partner exercises.
  • Do not miss Jeux d'épée (Sword play) a one-of-its-kind summer camp, open to all, where you may practise partner work with a variety of weapons for three days.

You will find more Yángjiā Mìchuán associations in Europe on the site of the Yángjiā Mìchuán Tàijíquán Amicale. I am not aware of all those that may offer classes in Tàijíjiàn partner work and fencing so you will have to contact them directly if you are interested.

In the USA, the only group proposing Tàijíjiàn fencing classes I am aware of is the Great River Taoist Center, although there are probably others as well.

Beside Yángjiā Mìchuán, Swedish practitioners may join Historisk Fäktning i Linköping.

Where to buy fencing gear?

Except for sparring swords, specific equipment for Tàijíjiàn fencing does not exist for the moment. You will need to do with fencing gear designed for Historical European Martial Arts.

  • The Sparring Swords we use in our group are those produced by Regenyei Armory. Their Jian Sword with a perfect weight and balance, is really an excellent blade for partner drills and sparring, as well as for solo practice.
  • You may also have a look at the Paul Chen Hanwei Sparring Jian.
  • If your are on a budget though, the rigid Taiji Straight Swords from Dragon sport. could make a good compromise, with a reasonable weight and quite an appropriate balance. Beware!!! Those blades have very thin edges and a sharp point; they are quite dangerous if wielded heedlessly. Use them with great caution and at your own risks.
  • Fencing masks and gloves can be purchased from Faits d'armes or The Knight Shop. Note that The Knight Shop also sells plastic swords for Historical European Martial Arts. These are definitely not Chinese swords, but, after some modifications, their single-hand sword should be suitable for free sparring but the plastic blades are slippery and have rounded edges that make it difficult to feel blade contact.
  • SPES is a web shop committed in selling protective gear for historical fencing. Their Axel Pettersson Fencing Jacket and its Women's version offer a good protection of the torso combined with excellent mobility.