Taijijian fencing

Although there is a wealth of materials published in books and on the web about Taijiquan, the advanced Taiji sword practitioner is deeply missing publications that may provide him with serious food for his thoughts and his own personal research on the subject. Most available materials on Taijijian concern a particular sword routine and only a few address the martial aspects of this discipline.

The goal of this web site is to share with practitioners of Taijijian the results of years of research on the fencing dimension of Taiji sword. It will be gradually augmented and updated with new material presenting the various aspects of Taiji sword fencing, from basic techniques to the application of Taiji principles. Please, check out regularly these pages or give me your email address so I can keep you posted on updates.

Although this site is designed as an on-line book, complete downloadable versions will be made available as a PDF file for reading on e-book readers or for printing.

Hoping that this work will prove itself useful to practitioners and may spark off new vocations.

Frédéric Plewniak, January 2014.